Who am I?

​I grew up in the forests of Northern Sweden, where I was lucky enough to be close to nature, while still having fast internet from a relatively early age. My fascination with what was out there made me soak up a lot of knowledge, language skills, and manners before I embarked on my first of countless trips throughout Europe. I found my way through large cities and villages, fancy hotels, and couches of hospitable households. All these impressions made me really humble, knowing where I was, where I am going, all while remembering where it all started, by the edge of the vast Scandinavian forests.

I graduated from the University of Umeå, Sweden with a degree in Human behavioural analysis in IT environments as well as a Master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction. I loved the interaction between people, digital artefacts, and how one can use this knowledge to create better experiences for everyone involved. This made me turn my eyes to UX design, where I hopefully could turn my long interest, hobby, and theoretical knowledge into practice.

My most recent adventure was under the banner of Hyper Island during the 2020 pandemic when I was unable to leave the country to move abroad. But instead of seeing this as a hindrance, I decided to seize the day, move as close to the continent as possible and enrolled in an internationally renowned school and its UX program. There, I could put my theoretical expertise and a creative passion to the test, to grow and be real-world ready as the world opens up again. This not only allowed me to change as a person, but I've also acted as a team leader, researcher, graphic designer, UI designer and so much more. By having so many hats to try on, while working with companies large and small, I learned so much about myself, what I can do and where I want to go.

College Years
UX projects
Design Sprints
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University Degrees


I started my career as a human behaviour analyst in 2014, where I took a deep dive into social structures, how we work as humans and how the modern world is changing how we're interacting with one another. This became a solid foundation for my future studies and has served me well daily ever since.

UX Researcher

Understanding the fundamentals of human behaviour, I embarked on a journey more profound within the technical side of society. Here I explored the concepts of user experience, user and object-centred design and much more while creating both physical and digital prototypes and user testing them.

UI/UX Design & Branding

In 2020, I enrolled in a UX Design vocational program, where I've gained new skills, polished existing skills while working towards real clients ranging from start-ups to international corporations. The last step of this is yet to be written, with a six-month internship where I'll be working in organisations getting real-world knowledge.

A Tale of Two Schools

I’m a creative person who loves travelling, and that I, from a relatively early age, had an interest in psychology, technology and design. For the longest time, I’ve known that I’m natively fluent in English, Swedish and I’m studying Dutch as we speak. However, this always puzzled me; how could I combine the studies of human psychology with digital and online creation?

This led me to Umeå University, where I found their bachelor’s programme in human behavioural analysis towards IT-environments, which allowed me to delve deeper into both of these schools simultaneously. During this period, I realised that I wanted to be involved with the combination of these schools. I started to look into how humans use technology, interpret the visuals, and use it to interact and express themselves to each other, friends and family, and during online therapy. Additionally, I also enrolled in the exchange student activity programme and a deep dive into the world of academic English, which allowed me further to enhance my communication, interaction, and integration skills.

As I was about to graduate, I found that the same institution had a master’s programme in human-computer interaction and social media, which ticked all the boxes. This focused more on the technological aspects, coding and design methods while constantly shifting between user-centred and object-centred perspectives. It was around this time it finally clicked for me as to how I could combine my love for design, psychology and the technology we have today, which was within the field of UX.

Today, I am a UX design student at Hyper Island in Karlskrona, Sweden, and I have set my goal always to be willing to try and learn new things and be open to wherever this journey takes me.

Quick Bits

  • I am a team-oriented person who values my co-workers while also being described as agile, analytical, and resourceful as I’m not afraid to reconsider and take new perspectives.

  • Long-term owner and head administrator of several larger online communities.

  • An experienced traveller who is used to finding myself in new places and groups of people.

  • Nature orientated, aesthetic musician and photographer in my spare time.

What if I'm not working

If you don't find me working with UX Design, you'll most likely find me as an administrator in one of many Discord communities. You can also find me outside in the forest or travelling around searching for historical sites. And last but not least, at festivals, whether they're music festivals or praising subcultures, I'm there.

Besides that, I value music creation, mental health, and nature a lot, so I'll practise self-care routines while being around people. I need to be able to be my best at work whenever necessary.